bring it!

a guide of what to carry

Start Packing
COVID-19 Safety Items

Vaccination Certificate · Face Masks · Hand Sanitiser · Thermometer · Pens & Pencils

Travel Documents
Required Covid Safe Items

In addition to the items included below, please also bring. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Enough N95 face masks to last your entire length of stay. Assume limited to no laundry access when deciding how many to bring. Hand sanitiser for personal use (at least 60% ethyl alcohol). Personal toiletries, please do not share personal care products with others. Pens and pencils for daily use.
(Last updated 08/2023)

Travel Docs

Air tickets · Train tickets · Insurance · Maps, directions & phone numbers · Appropriate imunisations and medications · Euros.

Travel Documents
Travel Docs

Please be aware that travel insurance is your responsibility and is a requirement. Please also note that your Tetanus inoculation must be up to date.

Your Packing

You'll need work gear and regular daywear.
In Italy an archaeological site is considered a construction zone and so the same safety regulations apply.
That means steel toed boots, long trousers and common sense at all times while on the site.
We'll advise you of other safety regulations during our orientation session on day one. 

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Safty First

Functional shirt / T-shirt - You'll be using a shovel or swinging a pick-axe, you'll want some give or stretch
Work trousers (trade or cargo - padded knees are very useful)
Steel toe work boots (essential - required by law)
Light waterproof jacket
Hat or Bandana
Socks and underwear
Swim wear - they call this area the Italian Carribean
Beach Towel
Pack for Summer
Sweater or Pullover (for evenings)

Med Kit & Toiletries

Sun Block · After Sun Lotion · Hand-wash or wipes · First Aid kit (basic) · Personal Medications (prescription meds) · Insect repellant · Standard toiletries kit

Med kit
First Aid kit

I never travel with out a basic first aid kit. Whether its part of your toiletries pack or a separate medical kit, it doesn't matter. But you should carry some basic self-adhesive dressings, antiseptic, analgesics, insect repellant, sting relief and of course any prescription medications required.

Field Kit

4" pointing trowel (essential) · Gloves (trade or garden but never fingerless) · Sun hat (advised) · Water bottle · Day pack - back pack

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Your Field Kit

Some things you'll need in the field. Archeodig will supply tools and equipment for your dig experience. But some things are just better when they're yours. Like gloves, gloves are so much better when you know only your sweaty hands have been in 'em. The archaeologists trowel can also be a very personal thing.


CAMERA · Torch and spare batteries · MP3 player, book, or other entertainment device (for down time only) · All relevent batteries & chargers · Vegemite


If you like Nutella you're going to be in heaven in Italy. That stuff is everywhere and by the bucket, I mean by the bucket. But you won't find Vegemite anywhere, so Bring It!